Cover Lookalikes: All That Glitters is Sometimes Gold

You ever notice how many covers look alike? Or maybe you can’t remember the book you read but you remember the basic details of the cover. We’re showcasing cover lookalikes every week with a different trend each week. Today’s cover lookalikes are those gilded covers you see everywhere. This collection is titled “All That Glitters is Sometimes Gold” and is perfect for those who can’t remember the book, but it had a gilded cover.

All that Glitters is Sometimes Gold 1
Hotel Magnifique / The bone witchDark of the westThis cursed crown / Rise of the snake goddess / The antidoteBloodleaf / The CloistersAll the stars and teethThe golden key /  Dance of thievesForging silver into stars / The gilded wolves

All that Glitters is Sometimes Gold 2


In every generation / Emily Wilde’s encyclopaedia of faeries / Courting Darkness / Percy St.-John and the Chronicle of Secrets / Marvelous / Wild and wicked things / The Lady Rogue / The Splendor / The watchmaker of Filigree StreetCurse of the divinePandora The Storyteller’s Daughter The Hazel Wood / Grim lovelies

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2023 Reading Challenge: Read a Book with a Long Title

Are you participating in our 2023 Reading Challenge?

If you’re participating in the category-based reading challenge, either by using the tracking sheet or on Beanstack, we can help you find books in each of the categories. Today we’re featuring books with long titles. Below are just a few recommendations, but these aren’t all the books that fit the category. These are just a few ideas to help get you started.

Click here to see more titles.

Middle Grade

Cover imageCover image

From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler / The girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making / The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane 

Young Adult

Cover imageCover imageCover image

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe / I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you / 6 times we almost kissed (and one time we did) 

Adult Fiction

Cover imageCover imageCover image

My grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry / The Frederick sisters are living the dream / The Guernsey literary and potato peel pie society


Cover imageCover imageCover image

Can’t we talk about something more pleasant?  / Plants are my favorite people : a relationship guide for plants and their parents / Midnight in the garden of good and evil 


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Books Featuring Hamsters!

April 12th is Hamster Day so we’re featuring books with Hamster characters!

Happy Birthday Hamster by Cynthia Lord

Hamster and Dog are back to celebrate Hamster’s birthday!

Pink cake, blue cake, chocolate through-and-through cake.
Short cake, tall cake, cannot-eat-it-all cake.

Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling illustrator Derek Anderson return with a tale chock-full of fun rhymes and hilarious artwork about Hamster’s favorite day: his birthday! But is it possible that Dog and his friends have forgotten all about it? Not a chance. Join them as they plan the best surprise birthday party ever!

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The Abandoned Hamster by Tina Nolan

Abandoned, lost, neglected? There’s always a home at Animal Magic! In a perfect world there’d be no need for Animal Magic. But Eva and Karl Harrison, who live at the animal rescue centre with their parents, know that life isn’t perfect. Every day there’s a new arrival in need of their help. When Eva finds a hamster hiding in the rubbish bin at her grandad’s garden centre she’s determined to find out who he belongs to. All the signs point to Katie, the unfriendly girl who’s moved into Ash Tree Manor with her parents, but how can Eva prove she’s right? A heart-warming animal story, perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Magical Animal Friends.

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Lulu and the hamster in the night by Hilary McKay

When Lulu goes for a sleepover at her nan’s house, she isn’t supposed to take her new hamster. But how can she leave him behind? Lulu adopts a hamster, but she can’t tell Nan about it because Nan doesn’t care for most animals, especially hamsters. It’s her birthday this weekend and Lulu and Mellie are staying the night. Lulu needs to bring her new hamster with her, but can she and Mellie keep it secret from Nan over the weekend?

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Harriet the invincible by Ursula Vernon

Sleeping Beauty gets a feisty, furry twist in this hilarious new comic series from the creator of Dragonbreath
Harriet Hamsterbone is not your typical princess. She may be quite stunning in the rodent realm (you’ll have to trust her on this one), but she is not so great at trailing around the palace looking ethereal or sighing a lot. She finds the royal life rather . . . dull. One day, though, Harriet’s parents tell her of the curse that a rat placed on her at birth, dooming her to prick her finger on a hamster wheel when she’s twelve and fall into a deep sleep.For Harriet, this ismostwonderful news: It means she’s invincible until she’s twelve! After all, no good curse goes to waste. And so begins a grand life of adventure with her trusty riding quail, Mumfrey…until her twelfth birthday arrives and the curse manifests in a most unexpected way.
Perfect for fans of Babymouse and Chris Colfer’s Land of Stories, this laugh-out-loud new comic hybrid series will turn everything you thought you knew about princesses on its head.

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Time traveling with a hamster by Ross Welford

“My dad died twice. Once when he was thirty nine and again four years later when he was twelve.

The first time had nothing to do with me. The second time definitely did, but I would never even have been there if it hadn’t been for his ‘time machine’…”

When Al Chaudhury discovers his late dad’s time machine, he finds that going back to the 1980s requires daring and imagination. It also requires lies, theft, burglary, and setting his school on fire. All without losing his pet hamster, Alan Shearer…


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The world according to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney

The first book in the series about everyone’s favorite classroom pet!

You can learn a lot about life by observing another species. That’s what Humphrey was told when he was first brought to Room 26. And boy, is it true! In addition to having FUN-FUN-FUN in class, each weekend this amazing hamster gets to sleep over with a different student, like Lower-Your-Voice-A.J. and Speak-Up-Sayeh. Soon Humphrey learns to read, write, and even shoot rubber bands (only in self-defense, of course). With lots of friends to help, adventures to enjoy, and a cage with a lock-that-doesn’t- lock, Humphrey’s life is almost perfect. If only the teacher, Mrs. Brisbane, wasn’t out to get him!

Boys and girls can’t help falling in love with Humphrey!

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Olivia Nibblesqueak’s Messy Mischief by Daisy Meadows

Welcome to a magical world where animals talk and play – just like you and me!

Lily and Jess are needed in Friendship Forest! Wicked witch Grizelda is causing trouble again, casting spells to make all the good creatures naughty!

Can the girls stop Olivia Nibblesqueak the hamster before she makes the whole forest a mess?

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Anyone but me by Nancy Krulik 

Katie Carew, nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully, had no idea what would happen when she wished that she could be anyone but herself. But now her wish has come true, and-switcheroo!-she keeps turning into other people and even animals! What is one ordinary third-grade girl with a really extraordinary problem to do? It’s a good thing Katie is resourceful and smart enough to find a solution for every problem . . . no matter how much of a disaster she causes!

Katie can’t stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can’t stand it anymore, and she wishes she could be anyone but herself. What she doesn’t see is the shooting star that flashes through the sky at that moment . . . catapulting Katie into a crazy series of adventures, starting the next day when she turns into the class hamster! Will she be trapped in a glass cage forever? Will she ever be a girl again?

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Weekend with Chewy by Ariel Bernstein 

With Calvin and Hobbes appeal, a boy and his pet dragon take the school hamster home, to hilarious results!

Warren is a seven-year-old boy. Dragon is part stuffed animal, part fierce dragon, and part best friend–depending on what you believe most. And Chewy is the class hamster. So when it’s Warren’s turn to take Chewy home for the weekend, Warren isn’t so sure it’s the best idea. Do dragons and hamsters mix? Not so well, it turns out, especially when Warren and Dragon are more interested in making cool stuff with their new friends than taking care of a rodent–until Chewy disappears. Oh no!

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Stanley the builder by William Bee

Amazon cover image

What a job for Stanley – he’s building a house for his friend, Myrtle. He will need his digger and his bulldozer and his cement mixer! He will also need his friend, Charlie to help. But will they manage to build the whole house?

Join Stanley and friends for a hard-working adventure in this colourful new series from William Bee

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Apple and Annie, the Hamster Duo by Debbi Michiko Florence

Title details for Apple and Annie, the Hamster Duo by Debbi Michiko Florence - AvailableAnnie and Apple are a pair of chatty, restless dwarf hamsters from the animal shelter who are being fostered by eight-year-old Kaita Takano and her family. Kaita can’t wait to find forever homes for the inquisitive furballs—but first, she has to find them! Bright, engaging illustrations and 1st-person narration invite early chapter-book readers into the nonstop fun and adventure.

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