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Join us every last Tuesday of the month for Comic Club!

Learn how to make comics with prompts and sheets to help you out. Create comics and share them with others. Even collaborate with kids your age.

No registration is required, just come to the Art Gallery @ 4:30 PM every last Tuesday of the month. Feel free to bring your own comics to share. We provide the supplies you bring your creativity!

Geared toward last elementary school or middle schoolers, but comic creators outside the age range are free to come.

2023 Meeting Dates

March 28th

April 26th

May 30th

And more dates to come!

Check out some of the comics made in the previous meetings below.

adrianamyaverycalebcaleb super mariocece space kittyenderethanjames catinamericacatinamerica 2catinamerica 3james food fighslukenolan the shoethombatthombat 2cat man

Links to the full comics:

Adrian’s ComicAmy’s Comic / Burger vs Burrito by Avery / Howier and Blanket Master in Shadow the Hedgehog by CalebThe Howler + Blanket Master in Super Mario by Caleb (COMING SOON!) /Space Kitty: Explorers of Space Chapter 1 by Cece /Goofy Storys by Ender / Ethan’s comic /Catin America Part 1 by James /Catin America Part 2 by James / Catin America Part 3 by James / Food Fights by James (coming soon!) / Luke’s Comic / The Shoe by Nolan / Thom-bat by Thomas / Thom-bat Vol 2Cat Man by Somebody

Online Resources for Comic Creators:

Dav Pilkey's Epic Comic Club

Head to Epic Comic Club to see tips, templates, and more ways to share comics. The club was created by Dav Pilkey, the author and illustrator of Captain Underpants, Dog Man, and Cat Kid.

Great books for Comic Creators:

Amazon cover image

Draw a comic! by J.P. Coovert / Draw Out the Story by Brian McLachlan