New Fiction – August 2019

New Fiction

Inheritance Tracks by Catherine Aird

Silver Thaw by Catherine Anderson

The Shameless by Ace Atkins

Claiming T-Mo by Eugen Bacon

Lost You by Haylen Beck

On the Corner of Love and Hate by Nina Bocci

The Bitteroots by C.J. Box

Outfox by Sandra Brown

Love at First Bark by Debbie Burns

Sit, Stay, Love by Debbie Burns

How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

Things You Save in the Fire by Katherine Center

Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter

Shot in the Dark by Cleo Coyle

A Dangerous Man by Robert Crais

The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney

Careful What You Wish For by Hallie Ephron

Chimes of a Lost Cathedral by Janet Fitch

Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey

Goodnight Stranger by Miciah Gault

Keeping Lucy by T. Greenwood

The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins

Bottle Grove by Daniel Handler

Unbreak Me by Michelle Hazen

Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson

All the Flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio

That’s What Frenemies Are For by Sophie Littlefield

The Swallows by Lisa Lutz

The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason

Inland by Tea Obreht

Love at First Like by Hannah Orenstein

The Warning by James Patterson

The Inn by James Patterson

A Better Man by Louise Penny

Under the Midnight Sun by Tracie Peterson

First Cosmic Velocity by Zach Powers

How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway

The Wolf’s Call by Anthony Ryan

The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar

Marilou is Everywhere by Sarah Smith

Thrawn 3: Treason (Star Wars)

The Dark Side by Danielle Steel

Trust Me When I Lie by Benjamin Stevenson

I’ll be Watching You by Courtney Tate

Dahlia Black by Keith Thomas

Blood in Eden by Peter Tremayne

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

The Last Astronaut by David Wellington

The Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs

Contraband by Stuart Woods

The Ascent to Godhood by J.Y. Yang

Copperhead by Alexi Zentner

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Reading Challenge: History Before 1500

The 2019 Reading Challenges are here!  Are you struggling with what to read in the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Reading Challenge categories? We can help! Throughout the year, we will highlight several juvenile, YA, and adult fiction (or non-fiction) books in most of the categories.
These aren’t the only books we have available in each category but are ideas that can help you spark inspiration, help clarify the category, and (hopefully) make your decision easier.


We’re continuing our discussion of books with the category “A nonfiction book about history before 1500.”



It’s hard to make sense of the present, without knowing (and understanding) what came before. We’re lovers of history here at APL and some of the most interesting history occurred before 1500!



How Mathematics Happened: the First 50,000 Years by Peter S. Rudman


Ten Discoveries that Rewrote History by Patrick Hunt


Conversations with Mummies: New Light on the Lives of Ancient Egyptians by Rosalie David and Rick Archbold


1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann



The History of the Ancient World: From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome by Susan Wise Bauer



Roman England by John Burke



She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth by Helen Castor



Caesar Against the Celts by Ramon L. Jiménez



Ancient Inca: Archaeology Unlocks the Secrets of the Inca’s Past by Beth Gruber



Medieval England: a Social History and Archaeology from the Conquest to 1600 A.D. by Colin Platt



In the Valley of the Kings: Howard Carter and the Mystery of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb by Daniel Meyerson



The Hemlock Cup: Socrates, Athens, and the Search for the Good Life by Bettany Hughes


Happy Reading!

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Book Review: Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar


The Flight Girls by Noelle Salazar

From first-time author, Noelle Salazar comes a powerfully stunning tale of The Flight Girls: female WASP pilots during WWII.

Audrey Coltrane loves to fly. It’s why she signed up to train new military pilots in Hawaii when the war began in Europe. It’s why, despite surviving the horrors of Pearl Harbor, she decides to join 1,100 other civilian volunteers in the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP for short) program, flying almost every type of military aircraft. They tested newly overhauled aircraft, ferried planes across the country, and towed targets for ground and air gunners to train with live ammunition.

Women Airforce Service Pilots (U.S. Air Force photo)

The Flight Girls is a compelling historical fiction novel that explores the relationships and friendships forged in the uncertainty and horrors of war. While there is some romance in The Flight Girls, the central story is about the strong bonds between these formidable women, a powerful tale of courage, and their determination to serve their country. Salazar’s writing is crisp, her characters memorable, and her novel is full of rich historical detail.

The Flight Girls is an excellent first novel from Noelle Salazar and would be perfect for any book club.

Learn more about women pilots in WWII by reading Fly Girls: The Daring American Women Pilots Who Helped Win WWII by P. O’Connell Pearson and Women With Wings: Women Pilots of World War II by Shannon Baker Moore.


Review by Sara McEachern, APL Support Librarian

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