New Audio Books and Nonfiction- May 2024


Bits and pieces :my mother, my brother, and me CD 92 GOLDBERG, WHOOPI Goldberg, Whoopi,
The princess of Las Vegas CD BOHJALIAN, CHRIS Bohjalian, Chris,
People in glass houses. CD CASTLE, JAYNE Castle, Jayne.
Long Time Gone CD DONLEA, CHARLIE Donlea, Charlie,
Her heart’s desire / CD GRAY, SHELLEY Gray, Shelley Shepard,
Her only wish / CD GRAY, SHELLEY Gray, Shelley Shepard,
Her secret hope / CD GRAY, SHELLEY Gray, Shelley Shepard,
Wellness : CD HILL, NATHAN Hill, Nathan,
Phantom Orbit CD IGNATIUS, DAVID Ignatius, David,
First Frost. CD JOHNSON, CRAIG Johnson, Craig,
You like it darker : stories CD KING, STEPHEN King, Stephen,
Daughter of Mine CD MIRANDA, MEGAN Miranda, Megan.
Pay dirt CD PARETSKY, SARA Paretsky, Sara,
Extinction CD PRESTON, DOUGLAS Preston, Douglas J.,
One perfect couple CD WARE, RUTH Ware, Ruth,
Reborn as a demonic tree CD XKARNATION XKARNATION,


Religionless Christianity : 260 METAXAS, ERIC
Pig beach BBQ cookbook : 641.7 ABDOO, MATT
Free Verse poems / 821 VAN OSBREE, RUTHIE
Lew is unplugged 2 895.6 COLYAR, LEWIS
I will show you how it was : 947.7 PONOMARENKO, ILLIA
The situation room : the inside story of presidents in crisis / 973.09 STEPHANOPOULOS, GEORGE
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New YA- May 2024

Amethyst, the shallows / YA ABERNATHY, KELLYE
Teenage dirtbags / YA ACKER, JAMES
Just another epic love poem / YA AKHBARI, PARISA
Crash landing / YA ANNE, LI
Hearts still beating / YA ARCHER, BROOKE
The Hedgewitch of Foxhall / YA BRIGHT, ANNA
Something kindred / YA BURCH, CIERA
And then there was us / YA CARTER, KERN
Draw down the moon / YA CAST, P.C.
It waits in the forest / YA DASS, SARAH
Lady of disguise / YA DICKERSON, MELANIE
Playing for keeps / YA DUGAN, JENNIFER
Made Glorious / YA EAGAR, LINDSAY
When two stars collide / YA EAGER, CHERYL
The Black girl survives in this one : YA EVANS, DESIREE
The Revenant Games / YA FUSTON, MARGIE
Canto contigo : YA GARZA VILLA, JONNY
The perfect guy doesn’t exist / YA GONZALES, SOPHIE
The misdirection of fault lines / YA GRACIA, ANNA
King of dead things / YA HOLNESS, NEVIN
The last boyfriends rules for revenge / YA HUBBARD, MATTHEW
The reappearance of Rachel Price / YA JACKSON, HOLLY
Finally Fitz / YA KANTER, MARISA
The breakup lists / YA KHORRAM, ADIB
The smoke that thunders / YA KOME, ERHU
The last bloodcarver / YA LE, VANESSA
A magic steeped in poison / YA LIN, JUDY
Song of the six realms / YA LIN, JUDY
Dragonfruit / YA LUCIER, MAKIIA
Otherworldly / YA LUKENS, F.T.
The one that got away with murder / YA LUNDY, TRISH
All this twisted glory / YA MAFI, TAHEREH
Freshman year YA MAI, SARAH
Dark parts of the universe / YA MILLER, SAMUEL
Last one to die / YA MURPHY, CYNTHIA
The kill factor / YA OLIVER, BEN
What’s eating Jackie Oh? / YA PARK, PATRICIA
A Tale of the Broken Heart. YA PLIESEIS, ROSE
The no-girlfriend rule / YA RANDALL, CHRISTEN
A whisper in the walls / YA REINTGEN, SCOTT
Fate be changed / YA ROCHON, FARRAH
Tender beasts / YA SAMBURY, LISELLE
To a darker shore / YA SCHWARTZ, LEANNE
Not your average Jo / YA SHIM, GRACE
The darkness rises / YA STOKES, STACY
These bodies between us / YA VAN NAME, SARAH
Every time you hear that song / YA VORIS, JENNA
Black girl you are atlas / YA WATSON, RENEE
Deep is the Fen / YA WILKINSON, LILI
Dear Wendy / YA ZHAO, ANN
The no-girlfriend rule / YCD RANDALL, CHRISTEN
49 days YGN LEE, AGNES
Safe Passage. YGN NERI, G.
Just another story : YGN SAADE, ERNESTO
Advice to 9th Graders : Stories, Poetry, Art & Other Wisdom. YNF 158 PATHFINDER
Dear younger me : YNF 650.1 BOXER, ELISA
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BOOK REVIEW: The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black

The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black

A review by Mina Nguyen

A spin-off series to The Folk of the Air series, the second book in this duology continues to follow the story of Oak, the younger brother of Jude and Taryn, and Wren. After Prince Oak’s betrayal, he is imprisoned in the North and bound to the new queen, Wren. As an attempt to save the stolen heir, Jude and Cardan are willing to do anything to retrieve Oak, but Oak will have to decide between regaining the trust of the girl he’s always loved or to remain loyal to Elfhame by ending her reign.

While I wouldn’t recommend reading this series before reading The Folk of the Air series, this duology in itself is good. It doesn’t compare to the original series, but Holly Black does a stellar job of bringing to life side characters and developing them wholly as the main characters in their spin-off series. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Wren and Oak and how their issues were different and not a replica of what went on between Jude and Cardan. Wren and Oak clearly have their own personalities and aren’t characters that attempt to mimic the original couple. Black is great at writing fantasy with a romance subplot. I really enjoyed the political turmoil in this book as well as in her previous series; she does a great job of showing the stakes; however, this one is a bit more romance-forward compared to her previous series. If you’re reading this and expecting Jude and Cardan, you’ll probably be slightly disappointed but Black makes a point to write Wren and Oak as her main characters, and she does it well. When reading the second book, I honestly couldn’t stop flipping the pages; I was constantly on the edge of my seat, even though it was slightly predictable. I really enjoyed the betrayals, which I wasn’t expecting alongside the well-developed political intrigue. While I wouldn’t recommend this as a stand-alone series, I will say it’s worth giving a read after The Folk of the Air series!

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Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross

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BOOK REVIEW: Funny Story by Emily Henry

Funny Story by Emily Henry

A book review by Mina Nguyen

Engaged to Peter, Daphne always loved the way Peter described their story of how they met and fell in love over a flying hat. Knowing that he was “the one,” Daphne uprooted her life to Michigan and merged friend groups. Everything was perfect, until Peter’s bachelor party where he realized he was in love with his childhood best friend Petra. Now, Daphne is stranded in Michigan without her friends or family and a dream job as a children’s librarian and now roommates with Petra’s ex, Miles. Miles is the exact opposite of Daphne, scruffy opposed to Daphne’s organized life. When wedding invitations come in the mail, Daphne and Miles propose a plan to post misleading photos of their adventures together but what happens when these fake adventures start to mean something a little more?

While not my favorite of the Emily Henry romance books, Funny Story deserves a high place for rom-coms. Opposites-attract is a typical rom-com trope, but Emily Henry knows how to turn a cliche trope into something that can be heart-aching and wholly romantic on an incomparable level. The chemistry between Daphne and Miles was off the charts, especially since I wasn’t sold on Miles since he isn’t the stereotypical rom-com-love-interest-type, but I loved the relationship that formed between the both of them. It was mature, open, and communicative. What I really enjoy about Emily Henry’s writing is that she sets realistic expectations for relationships. Within their relationship, there were ups and downs, reflective of real-life relationships; sometimes the arguments are valid but sometimes the arguments are a reflection of how the character’s day went. It’s realistic, but Emily Henry knows how to turn it into a romantic scene. Additionally, I find this book so successful because these characters can survive on their own as individual characters; they’re fully flushed out and developed and don’t lose their personalities when they inevitably fall in love. They’re individuals on their own, and Emily Henry heavily emphasizes that. Also, I find that Emily Henry does a great job of giving her side characters a background that makes them integral to the story. Ashleigh, Daphne’s new friend, is an additional relationship that Daphne must consider in her life because Daphne’s life does not only revolve around her love interest. I loved the friendship between them, especially when they had their own set of problems and the way they both discussed their fears; it was a great way to show their insecurities without it revolving around a man. As an avid fan of New Girl, I found that this book was also reminiscent of Nick Miller and Jesse! While this wouldn’t be the first Emily Henry rom-com I would recommend, I would put it high on my list as a must-read rom-com for the summer!

Books similar to Funny Story by Emily Henry:

Beach Read by Emily Henry

The American Roommate Experiment by Elena Armas

Boyfriend Material by Alexis J. Hall

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