Black History Month: Picture Books

February is Black History Month, so throughout the month we are highlighting books written by African American authors. Today we are showcasing a selection of picture books!
Change Sings: a Children's Anthem

Change Sings by Amanda Gorman

A lyrical picture book debut from Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman and illustrator Loren Long

“I can hear change humming
In its loudest, proudest song.
I don’t fear change coming,
And so I sing along.”

In this stirring, much-anticipated picture book by inaugural Youth Poet Laureate and activist Amanda Gorman, anything is possible when our voices join together. As a young girl leads a cast of characters on a musical journey, they learn that they have the power to make changes—big or small—in the world, in their communities, and in most importantly, in themselves.
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All Because You Matter

All Because You Matter by Tami Charles

A love letter to Black and brown children everywhere: reminding them how much they matter, that they have always mattered, and they always will.

Tami Charles pens a text that is part love letter, part anthem, assuring readers that they always have, and always will, matter.

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Saturday by Oge Mora

In this warm and tender story by the Caldecott Honor-winning creator of Thank You, Omu!, join a mother and daughter on an up-and-down journey that reminds them of what’s best about Saturdays: precious time together.

Today would be special. Today would be splendid. It was Saturday! But sometimes, the best plans don’t work out exactly the way you expect….

In this heartfelt and universal story, a mother and daughter look forward to their special Saturday routine together every single week. But this Saturday, one thing after another goes wrong–ruining storytime, salon time, picnic time, and the puppet show they’d been looking forward to going to all week. Mom is nearing a meltdown…until her loving daughter reminds her that being together is the most important thing of all.

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Hands Up!

Hands Up! by Breanna J. McDaniel

This triumphant picture book recasts a charged phrase as part of a black girl’s everyday life–hands up for a hug, hands up in class, hands up for a high five–before culminating in a moment of resistance at a protest march.

A young black girl lifts her baby hands up to greet the sun, reaches her hands up for a book on a high shelf, and raises her hands up in praise at a church service. She stretches her hands up high like a plane’s wings and whizzes down a hill so fast on her bike with her hands way up. As she grows, she lives through everyday moments of joy, love, and sadness. And when she gets a little older, she joins together with her family and her community in a protest march, where they lift their hands up together in resistance and strength.

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I Got the Rhythm

I Got the Rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison

On a simple trip to the park, the joy of music overtakes a mother and daughter. The little girl hears a rhythm coming from the world around her- from butterflies, to street performers, to ice cream sellers everything is musical! She sniffs, snaps, and shakes her way into the heart of the beat, finally busting out in an impromptu dance, which all the kids join in on! Award-winning illustrator Frank Morrison and Connie Schofield-Morrison, capture the beat of the street, to create a rollicking read that will get any kid in the mood to boogie.

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Just Like Me

Just Like Me by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

An ode to the girl with scrapes on her knees and flowers in her hair, and every girl in between, this exquisite treasury will appeal to readers of Dear Girl and I Am Enough and have kids poring over it to find a poem that’s just for them.

I am a canvas
Being painted on
By the words of my family
And community

From Vanessa Brantley-Newton, the author of Grandma’s Purse, comes a collection of poetry filled with engaging mini-stories about girls of all kinds: girls who feel happy, sad, scared, powerful; girls who love their bodies and girls who don’t; country girls, city girls; girls who love their mother and girls who wish they had a father. With bright portraits in Vanessa’s signature style of vibrant colors and unique patterns and fabrics, this book invites readers to find themselves and each other within its pages.

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Max and the Tag-Along MoonMax and the Tag-Along Moon by Floyd Cooper

Has the moon ever followed you home at night?

Max loves his grandpa. When they must say good-bye after a visit, Grandpa reminds Max that the moon above them at Grandpa’s house is the same moon that will follow him all the way home. And on that swervy-curvy car ride back home Max smiles as the moon tags along, thinking of Grandpa. But when the sky darkens and the moon disappears behind clouds, Max worries that it did not follow him home after all. Yet when the clouds part and light streams through his window, he realizes that Grandpa was right—the moon was with him all along.Floyd Cooper received the Coretta Scott King Award for The Blacker the Berry, two Coretta Scott King Honors for Honey in Broomwheat Tea and I Have Heard of a Land, and an NAACP image award. His books have also been named to numerous best books list and been given many Parents Choice Awards.  In Max and the Tag-Along Moon, his lush paintings perfectly capture the wonder of the moon, the love between grandfather and grandson, and that feeling of magic every child experiences when the moon follows him home.
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Cool Cuts

Cool Cuts by Mechal Renee Roe

African-American boys and their cool hair are celebrated in this bright, joyful read-together picture book that will have boys everywhere repeating the book’s chorus: “I am born to be awesome!”

When the stars shine, the world is mine! I am born to be awesome! My hair is free, just like me! I am born to be awesome!

African-American boys will love seeing strong, happy reflections of themselves in this vibrant, rhythmic picture book celebrating a diversity of hip black hairstyles. From a ‘fro-hawk to mini-twists and crisp cornrows, adorable illustrations of boys with cool curls, waves, and afros grace each page, accompanied by a positive call-and-response affirmation that will make boys cheer. It’s a great read-aloud to promote positive self-esteem to boys of all ages, building and growing the foundation of self-love (and hair love!) and letting every boy know that “You are born to be awesome!”

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Bedtime for Sweet Creatures by Nikki Grimes

Nikki Grimes, Coretta Scott King Award winning author, and acclaimed illustrator Elizabeth Zunon’s latest children’s masterpiece creates an imagination-fueled and animal-filled journey to bedtime.

“[A] rhythmic, playful romp through a restless child’s bedtime routine… a loving, effective lullaby.”―Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

It’s bedtime. But Mommy’s little one is not sleepy.

He growls like a bear, he questions like an owl, he tosses his mane like a lion. He hunts for water like a sly wolf, and hides like a snake.

Mommy needs to wrangle her sweet creature in bed so that the whole family can sleep. From tigers to squirrels to snakes, the little boy dodges around his bedtime, until he is tired enough to finally sleep. His imaginative animal friends weave their way through the illustrations, eventually joining him in curling up for the night.

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New Adult & YA Non-Fiction- Dec 2021 and Jan 2022

New Adult Non-Fiction

Act like you got some sense 92 FOXX, JAMIE
Everything I have is yours 92 HENDERSON, ELEANOR
For such a time as this 92 MCENANY, KAYLEIGH
Bill Snyder 92 SNYDER, BILL
Oscar Wilde 92 WILDE, OSCAR
The age of AI 006.3 KISSINGER, HENRY
The extended mind 128 PAUL, ANNIE
Your intuition led you here 133.4 NARANJO, ALEX
The twelve monotasks 153.7 WINE, THATCHER
Sit down to rise up 155.2 TYGIELSKI, SHELLY
The power of fun:  how to feel alive again 155.41 PRICE, CATHERINE
I used to have a plan 158 OLANOW, ALESSANDRA
Atlas of the heart 158.1 BROWN, BRENE
Unfollow your passion 158.1 TRESPICIO, TERRI
The Jesus I know:  honest conversations and diverse opinions about who He is 232.9 GIFFORD, KATHIE LEE
If God is love, don’t be a jerk 234 PAVLOVITZ, JOHN
Real estate 305.42 LEVY, DEBORAH
Against white feminism 305.42 ZAKARIA, RAFIA
The 9.9 percent 305.5 STEWART, MATTHEW
The 3 Ms of fearless digital parenting 306 ROGERS-WHITEHEAD,CARRIE
Revolution in Our Time 320 MAGOON, KEKLA
Power play:  Tesla, Elon Musk, and the bet of the century 338.7 HIGGINS, TIM
Flying blind:  the 737 MAX tragedy and the fall of Boeing 338.7 ROBISON, PETER
Not drinking tonight 362.29 WHITE, AMANDA
White hot hate 363.33 LEHR, DICK
Giovanni’s ring 364.1 ROCCO, GIOVANNI
Handbook of research on innovative digital practices to engage learners 371.33 WYMAN, PATRICK
How to theythem 425 GETTY, STUART
The core 3 healthy eating plan 613.25 MOSKOVITZ, LISA
Planet palm 633.8 ZUCKERMAN, JOCELYN
The Family Immunity Cookbook 641 AMIDOR, TOBY
Grains for every season 641.3. MCFADDEN, JOSHUA
Life in Jeneral 648.8 ROBIN, JEN
Out of office 658.3 WARZEL, CHARLIE
Secrets of the force 791.43 GROSS, EDWARD
The official John Wayne handy book of bushcraft 796 JENSEN, BILLY
How to write a mystery 808.3 CHILD, LEE
These precious days:  essays 814 PATCHETT, ANN
Ladyparts 818 COPAKEN, DEBORAH
Shakespearean 822.33 MCCRUM, ROBERT
How to slay a dragon 909.07 STEVENSON, CAIT
The sacred band 938.4 ROMM, JAMES
Hitler’s American gamble 940.53 SIMMS, BRENDAN
Gravedigger’s daughter 978.1 UNRUH, CHERYL

New YA Non-Fiction

American jaguar YNF 333.95 WEBB, ELIZABETH
A Face for Picasso YNF 617.5 HENLEY, ARIEL
My vegan year YNF 641.56 WEBSTER, NIKI
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New YA Fiction- Dec 2021 and Jan 2022

Here’s to us Albertalli, Becky,
A snake falls to Earth Little Badger, Darcie,
Fools in love Blake, Ashley
Fighting words Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.
The Ballad of Dinah Caldwell Brauning, Kate
Black was the ink Coles, Michelle,
Hunting by stars Dimaline, Cherie,
The upper world Fadugba, Femi,
How not to fall in love Firkins, Jacqueline,
All of us villains Foody, Amanda,
No beauties or monsters Goedjen, Tara,
Our violent ends Gong, Chloe,
The reckless kind Heath, Carly,
The midnight girls Jasinska, Alicia,
The nobleman’s guide to scandal and shipwrecks Lee, Mackenzi,
Year of the reaper Lucier, Makiia
Believe me Mafi, Tahereh,
Sway with me Masood, Syed,
You’ll be the death of me McManus, Karen M.,
Gilded Meyer, Marissa,
The Legend. Mills, Jean.
The diamond keeper Mobley, Jeannie,
Girls of fate and fury Ngan, Natasha,
Cupcake O’Gorman, Cookie,
The forgotten memories of Vera Glass Priemaza, Anna,
Cytonic Sanderson, Brandon,
The coldest touch Sterling, Isabel,
The Beginning Stine, R. L.,
Starling Strychacz, Isabel,
You’ve reached Sam Thao, Dustin,
Spin me right round Valdes Greenwood, David,
Briar girls Wells, Rebecca Kim,
A rush of wings Weymouth, Laura E.,
The Excalibur curse White, Kiersten,
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New Fiction- Dec 2021 and Jan 2022

The stranger in the lifeboat Albom, Mitch,
The Twelve Jays of Christmas Andrews, Donna,
The Santa suit Andrews, Mary Kay,
Dream keeper Ashley, Kristen,
Window shopping Bailey, Tessa,
A season for second chances Bayliss, Jenny,
Girls before earls Bennett, Anna
Shoot the moonlight out Boyle, William,
A man of honor Bradford, Barbara Taylor,
Death on the shelf Brook, Allison,
Duke gone rogue Carlyle, Christy,
A Virgin River Christmas Carr, Robyn,
Where they wait Carson, Scott,
The last house on the street Chamberlain, Diane.
Small pleasures Chambers, Clare,
The school for good mothers Chan, Jessamine,
The postmistress of Paris Clayton, Meg Waite,
The Christmas bookshop Colgan, Jenny,
Autopsy Cornwell, Patricia Daniels,
Sharpe’s assassin Cornwell, Bernard.
The women of pearl island Crosby, Polly,
The midnight lock Deaver, Jeffery,
The perishing Deon, Natashia,
The singles table Desai, Sara,
Coco at the Ritz Diliberto, Gioia,
Death under the Perseids Dovalpage, Teresa,
Three more months ECHAVARRE Smith, Sarah,
The Every, or at last a sense of order, or the final days of free will, or limitless choice is killing the world. Eggers, Dave,
The sentence Erdrich, Louise,
A history of wild places Ernshaw, Shea,
Observations by gaslight Faye, Lyndsay,
Bold fortune Crane, Megan,
The way we weren’t Fox, Phoebe,
Go tell the bees that I am gone Gabaldon, Diana,
One step too far Gardner, Lisa.
Something to hide George, Elizabeth,
Heard it in a love song Garvis Graves, Tracey,
The High House Greengrass, Jessie.
The midnight hour Griffiths, Elly,
Judge’s list Grisham, John.
The final case Guterson, David,
The god of lost words Hackwith, A. J.
Swashbucklers Hanks, Dan,
Payback’s a witch Harper, Lana
Reckless girls Hawkins, Rachel,
The Month of Borrowed Dreams. Hayes-McCoy, Felicity.
Greek myths Higgins, Charlotte,
The ones we keep Huff, Bobbie Jean,
Orphans of the storm Imrie, Celia,
How to marry Keanu Reeves in 90 days Jackson, K. M.,
The pilot’s daughter Jaeger, Meredith.
A net for small fishes Jago, Lucy.
Winter water Jansson, Susanne,
A little hope Joella, Ethan.
The guilt trip Jones, Sandie,
The Department of Rare Books and Special Collections Jurczyk, Eva,
The replacement wife Kane, Darby,
The last dance of the debutante Kelly, Julia,
The mirror man Kepler, Lars,
Beasts of a little land Kim, Juhea,
Shadows of Swanford Abbey Klassen, Julie,
True crime story Knox, Joseph,
Lightning in a mirror Krentz, Jayne Ann.
How to book a murder Kuhn, Cynthia G.,
After dark with the duke Long, Julie Anne
The brides of maracoor Maguire, Gregory.
The Paris bookseller Maher, Kerri.
The French gift Manning, Kirsty,
Wahala May, Nikki.
A day like this McNeil, Kelley,
From Ladle to Grave. Meade, Amy Patricia.
The good son Mitchard, Jacquelyn,
The first Christmas Mitchell, Stephen,
In case of emergency Mohebali, Mahsa,
All her little secrets Morris, Wanda M.
The cat who saved books Natsukawa, Sōsuke,
Love in the big city Park, Sang Young,
A thousand steps Parker, T. Jefferson,
The Paris detective Patterson, James,
Horsewoman Patterson, James,
The left-handed twin Perry, Thomas,
Wish you were here Picoult, Jodi,
You sexy thing Rambo, Cat,
Must love books Robinson, Shauna,
The starless crown Rollins, James,
No one will miss her Rosenfield, Kat,
The days to come Rosenstiel, Tom,
Our country friends Shteyngart, Gary,
Poison Spencer, Sally,
Fan fiction  a mem-noir inspired by true events Spiner, Brent,
King of battle and blood St. Clair, Scarlett,
Invisible Steel, Danielle,
Flying angels Steel, Danielle,
Do I know you? Strohmeyer, Sarah,
A reason for hope Von Kreisler, Kristin,
The fastest way to fall Williams, Denise,
Still life Winman, Sarah,
Criminal mischief Woods, Stuart,
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