New eBooks and eAudiobooks – June 2022

New eAudiobooks

22 Seconds: Women’s Murder Club Series, Book 22 (unabridged) James Patterson, Maxine Paetro, January LaVoy
The Charmed List Julie Abe, Natalie Naudus
A Double Dose of Love Kathleen Fuller, Lauren Berst
Freezing Order: A True Story of Russian Money Laundering, State-Sponsored Murder, and Surviving Vladimir Putin’s Wrath (unabridged) Bill Browder, Adam Grupper
The Golden Couple: A Novel (unabridged) Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen, Karissa Vacker, et. al.
The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare Kimberly Brock, Brittany Pressley
Man o’ War Cory McCarthy, E.R. Fightmaster
Meet Me in the Margins Melissa Ferguson, Talon David
A Night Like This: Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 2 (unabridged) Julia Quinn, Rosalyn Landor
Shadows Reel: Joe Pickett Series, Book 22 (unabridged) C. J. Box, David Chandler
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (unabridged) Simon Sinek, Simon Sinek
The Sum of All Kisses: Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 3 (unabridged) Julia Quinn, Rosalyn Landor
TJ Powar Has Something to Prove Jesmeen Kaur Deo, Mayuri Bhandari
Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy. (unabridged) Bob Goff, Bob Goff


New eBooks

Batter Royale Leisl Adams
Book Lovers Emily Henry
The Bookseller’s Promise: Amish Bookstore Series, Book 1 Beth Wiseman
Boys I Know Anna Gracia
End the Mealtime Meltdown: Using the Table Talk Method to Free Your Family from Daily Struggles over Food and Picky Eating Stephanie Meyers, Carla Naumburg
I’ll Be Seeing You Robin Lee Hatcher
Man o’ War Cory McCarthy
Meet Me in the Margins Melissa Ferguson
The Mozart Code Rachel McMillan
Much Ado About a Latte: Maple Falls Series, Book 2 Kathleen Fuller
Murder for the Modern Girl Kendall Kulper
One Italian Summer: A Novel Rebecca Serle
Overdue: Reckoning with the Public Library Amanda Oliver
This Wicked Fate: This Poison Heart Series, Book 2 Kalynn Bayron
The View from Coral Cove Amy Clipston
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New YA Fiction – June 2022

This wicked fate YA BAYRON, KALYNN
Home field advantage YA ADLER, DAHLIA
Our crooked hearts YA ALBERT, MELISSA
TJ Powar has something to prove YA DEO, JESMEEN
The merciless ones YA FORNA, NAMINA
The counselors YA GOODMAN, JESSICA
Trigger YA GRIFFIN, N.
Together we burn YA IBANEZ, ISABEL
Tokyo dreaming YA JEAN, EMIKO
Forging silver into stars YA KEMMERER, BRIGID
We weren’t looking to be found YA KUEHN, STEPHANIE
Ballad & dagger YA OLDER, DANIEL
The sea knows my name YA ROBSON, LAURA
The ghosts of Rose Hill YA ROMERO, R.M.
A secret princess YA STOHL, MARGARET
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New Adult Fiction – June 2022

The grief of stones F ADDISON, KATHERINE
Deep water F BAMFORD, EMMA
Clause of death F BARRETT, LORNA
The beach trap F BRADY, ALI
Every cloak rolled in blood F BURKE, JAMES LEE
Even the darkest night F CERCAS, JAVIER
Sleepwalk F CHAON, DAN
Killing dragons F CLARK, KRISTIE
Cult classic F CROSLEY, SLOANE
The reservoir F DUCHOVNY, DAVID
You made a fool of death with your beauty F EMEZI, AKWAEKE
All the things we don’t talk about F FELTMAN, AMY
It all comes down to this F FOWLER, THERESE
Who you might be F GALLAGHER, LEIGH
The woman in the library F GENTILL, SULARI
Sparring partners F GRISHAM, JOHN
More than you’ll ever know F GUTIERREZ, KATIE
Lady of bones F HAINES, CAROLYN
A Caribbean heiress in Paris F HERRERA, ADRIANA
Flying solo F HOLMES, LINDA
The ballad of perilous graves F JENNINGS, ALEX
A face to die for F JOHANSEN, IRIS
The truth about Ben and June F KIESTER, ALEX
Yerba Buena F LACOUR, NINA
Something wilder F LAUREN, CHRISTINA
Mad prairie : stories and a novella F MCINTYRE, KATE
Murder most grave F MCKEVETT, G.A.
Ordinary monsters F MIRO, J.M.
The ghosts of Paris F MOSS, TARA
Nightcrawling F MOTTLEY, LEILA
The favor F MURPHY, NORA
The perfect golden circle F MYERS, BENJAMIN
The messy lives of book people F PATRICK, PHAEDRA
Moonlight and the pearler’s daughter F POOK, LIZZIE
Iona Iverson’s rules for commuting F POOLEY, CLARE
The German wife F RIMMER, KELLY
The shore F RUNDE, KATIE
The house across the lake F SAGER, RILEY
Daughters of the occupation F SANDERS, SHELLY
Adult assembly required F WAXMAN, ABBI
The key to deceit F WEAVER, ASHLEY
The midcoast F WHITE, ADAM
The second husband F WHITE, KATE
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New Nonfiction-June 2022

The self-healing mind 152.4 BROWN, GREGORY
Heal your living 158.1 SON, YOUHEUM
The great sex rescue 241 GREGOIRE, SHEILA
Be joyful 241.4 MEYER, JOYCE
How to raise an antiracist 305.8 KENDI, IBRAM
The good girl’s guide to great sex 306.7 GREGOIRE, SHEILA
The good guy’s guide to great sex 306.7 GREGOIRE, SHEILA
Where the money is : value investing in the digital age 332.63 SEESSEL, ADAM
Rogues : true stories of grifters, killers, rebels and crooks 364.1 KEEFE, PATRICK
Lust Killer. 364.15 RULE, ANN
Battle for the American mind : uprooting a century of miseducation 371.3 HEGSETH, PETE
The monster’s bones 560.92 RANDALL, DAVID
The private lives of public birds 598.09 GEDNEY, JACK
Dignity for deeply forgetful people 616.8 POST, STEPHEN
Grow more food 635 MCCRATE, COLIN
The healthy vegetable garden 635 MORGAN, SALLY
Plant grow harvest repeat 635.9 COWDEN, MEG
Succulents for Beginners 635.9 MATSUYAMA, MISA
Plants are my favorite people 635.9 RESTA, ALESSIA
The Hardworking Home 648 BLACK AND DECKER
Talk with her 649 WOLF, KIMBERLY
Raising antiracist children 649.7 HAWTHORNE, BRITT
Phasers on Stun! 791.45 BRITT, RYAN
Cosplay 792.02 LIPTAK, ANDREW
Hometown victory : a coach’s story of football, fate, and coming home 796.33 LOWE, KEANON
Praying with the enemy 813 COLLIS, STEVEN
Happy-go-lucky 814 SEDARIS, DAVID
The science of murder 823 VALENTINE, CARLA
100 things to do in Wichita before you die 917 WHITESIDE, VANESSA
Managing expectations 92 DRIVER, MINNIE
James Patterson by James Patterson : the stories of my life 92 PATTERSON, JAMES
Blake Shelton 92 SHELTON, BLAKE
Resistance 940.53 KOCHANSKI, HALIK
Until Justice Be Done : America’s First Civil Rights Movement, from the Revolution to Reconstruction. 973 MASUR, KATE
Ready for launch YNF 629.45 KELLY, SCOTT
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