You ever notice how many covers look alike? Or maybe you can’t remember the book you read but you remember the basic details of the cover. We’re showcasing cover lookalikes every other week with a different trend each time. Today’s cover collection is titled “Amber Waves of Grain” and is perfect for those who can’t remember the book, but the bottom half of the book had a field of grass or wheat.

Cover Lookalikes (9)

The Four WindsThe Lost Wife/The invisible hour /Return of the bison : a story of survival, restoration, and a wilder world /DreamlandThe searcherFinding DorothyDown rangeThe love of my life The story of Edgar Sawtelle A girl called Samson/Cherokee AmericaThe bones of paradise Great Plains

Amber Waves of Grain


Pelican pointThe Reckless Oath We Made Where are the children?Never give up : a prairie family’s story/The virgin of Small Plainswhere coyotes howlGirl Out of WaterThe painted drum/Dreamland Summer secrets Vicious circle The hope of azure springsWindfall : the prairie woman who lost her way and the great-granddaughter who found herA thousand acres



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