New Nonfiction-June 2024

Rising above office conflict : 331.4 FOWLER, CLARE
Crossing the desert : the power of embracing life’s difficult journeys / 333.3 ZAMANI, PAYAM
Sitting pretty : 362.43 TAUSSIG, REBEKAH
Sitting pretty : 362.43 TAUSSIG, REBEKAH
Sitting pretty : 362.43 TAUSSIG, REBEKAH
Cheaper, faster, better : how we’ll win the climate war / 363.7 STEYER, TOM
We are the evidence : 364 WILSON, CHEYENNE
The backyard bird chronicles / 598 TAN AMY
Forbidden cocktails : 641.87 DARLINGTON, ANDRE
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New Digital Items-June 2024


Babymoon or Bust Unabridged Ava Hunter, Aiden Snow, CJ Bloom
The C*ck Down the Block Unabridged Amy Award, Stella Hunter, Christian Fox
Check Mate Unabridged Leah Brunner, Dane Anderson, Hannah Carmona
A Child Called It Unabridged Dave Pelzer, Brian Keeler
The Emperor’s Soul: Elantris Series, Book 2 (unabridged) Unabridged Brandon Sanderson, Angela Lin
Entrances and Exits Unabridged Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Richards
The Framed Women of Ardemore House: A Novel (unabridged) Unabridged Brandy Schillace, Lindsey Dorcus
The Heart’s Choice Unabridged Tracie Peterson, Pilar Witherspoon, Kimberley Woodhouse
House Mate Unabridged Leah Brunner, Lauren Pedersen, Kyle Snyder
Housebroke Unabridged Jaci Burton, Victoria Connolly
Let’s Talk About Aging Parents: A Real-Life Guide to Solving Problems with 27 Essential Conversations (unabridged) Unabridged Laura Tamblyn Watts, Erin deWard, Debra Whitman
A Love Discovered Unabridged Tracie Peterson, Jeanine Bartel
Night Shift Unabridged Annie Crown, Victoria Connolly
Palestine 1936: The Great Revolt and the Roots of the Middle East Conflict (unabridged) Unabridged Oren Kessler, Shawn K. Jain
Resurrection Unabridged Danielle Steel, Dan John Miller
Scrooge and the Girls Next Door Unabridged Melanie Jacobson, Tyler Donne, Jorjeana Marie
The Secret History of Bigfoot: Field Notes on a North American Monster (unabridged) Unabridged John O’Connor, Matt Godfrey
Spying on Spies: How Elizebeth Smith Friedman Broke the Nazis’ Secret Codes (unabridged) Unabridged Marissa Moss, Sandy Rustin
Taylor Swift: Country Pop Hit Maker (unabridged) Unabridged Robin Nelson, Book Buddy Digital Media
When She’s Merry Unabridged Ruby Dixon, Jillian Macie, Mason Lloyd
The Wiener Across the Way Unabridged Amy Award, Stella Hunter, Christian Fox
The Wild Side Unabridged Fern Michaels, Jennifer O’Donnell



Falling into Place: A Story of Love, Poland, and the Making of a Travel Writer Thomas Swick, Pico Iyer
Funny Story Emily Henry
How to Be Remembered: A Novel Michael Thompson
In the Stacks: Author’s Enhanced Edition Scott Lynch
The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel Claire Lombardo
Ocean’s Godori: A Novel Elaine U. Cho
Part of Your World Abby Jimenez
Principles of Emotion Sara Read
Swan Song Elin Hilderbrand
That Night in the Library: A Novel Eva Jurczyk
The Women: A Novel Kristin Hannah
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Book Review by Noah Lee: Ralph S. Mouse

This book is the third book in the series. Due to the cold winters, Ralph’s outdoor cousins have moved into the Mountain View Inn, and there are more family problems than ever before! The cousins are much more demanding, wanting to ride by themselves instead of Ralph pushing them up and down the halls, and Ralph’s siblings have joined them. Ralph, tired and ashamed of bowing steam on his cousins and siblings decides to go to school with his new friend, Ryan, whose mom works at the hotel. The students were very enthusiastic when they met Ralph, but the school bully, Brad, is creating issues. After breaking Ralph’s motorcycle, Ralph gives him a piece of his mind and Brad and Ryan take them to the Inn and give him a sports car. Then, Ralph decides to stay at the Inn, while the bully and his friend mom and dad marry, and they move to a home.

The genre is action and adventure, as well as fiction, with many exciting moments in the book. My recommended age for people to read this book is 5 to 13, although anyone can read it! I especially recommend this book to people who like adventure, mice, and of course, speed and fast vehicles.

My favorite part of the story is when Ralph must run a maze that Ryan made for him, in which he cleverly makes a new way to run it, going on top of the walls to the end. I’d rate this book as 5 out of 5 stars, since it is thrilling and makes the importance of creativity clear and enjoyable to learn, and is written for even the earliest readers.

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Book Review by Noah Lee: Runaway Ralph

This book is the second in the series, and is about Ralph, a mouse that lives under the couch with his precious motorcycle and his crash helmet and loves speed, action, and of course motorcycles. This time, his family enrages hi enough to cause him to run away to a camp, where he’s caught by a child named Brad, and soon returns to the Mountain view Inn.

I’d say the genre is adventure and action, since the book has many scenes where there is a lot of action, like when Ralph breaks out of his cage. Although many people can enjoy this book, I’d recommend this book to people who love mice, motorcycles and adventure will like this book. People around ages 5 to 12 should read this book.

My favorite part of the book is when Ralph makes the deal with Brad but finds it difficult to keep his part, since he needs to return a watch without making it seem like Brad had returned it. I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, since in the book, Ralph realizes how much he misses his family and goes back and even gives his cousins rides. You learn that friendship and family is important to life.

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