Disc Golf in Central Park

We have disc golf kits available at APL! Stop by the library and pick up a kit and play the brand new disc golf course in the park.

Disc golf kits include 3 discs (a putter, a mid range, and a driver), a rules of the game instruction sheet, and check out for one week.

Click on the image for a PDF of the map and instructions to take with you.

Map of Andover's Central Park disc golf course
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Star Wars Reading Challenge

Try out our new reading challenge on Beanstack, perfect for all ages!


Can you become a Jedi Master? Read 20 minutes a day (and log it in the challenge on Beanstack) to work your way up from Youngling to Jedi Master!

Remember – with books, the Force will be with you. Always.

This challenge runs from October 1 – October 31st.

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