Star Wars Reading Challenge

Try out our new reading challenge on Beanstack, perfect for all ages!


Can you become a Jedi Master? Read 20 minutes a day (and log it in the challenge on Beanstack) to work your way up from Youngling to Jedi Master!

Remember – with books, the Force will be with you. Always.

This challenge runs from October 1 – October 31st.

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Batman: Escape from Riddler’s Lair

Just in time for Batman Day — a brand new APL digital escape room featuring everyone’s favorite superhero, Batman!

Help! Batman is trapped in Riddler’s lair! Can you help him escape and save Gotham in time? This digital escape room is perfect for older kids (5th-grade skill level and up) or as a family!


Click on the image below or here to play this fun digital escape room!

Batman: Escape From Riddler's Lair


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Rapunzel: Escape the Tower Digital Escape Room

We just put the finishing touches on our fun new digital escape room — Rapunzel: Escape the Tower!

Can you help free Rapunzel from the tower before the evil, old Enchantress returns? Rapunzel and the Prince can escape only with your help! This escape room is intended for all ages and may be completed individually or as a group.

Created by Andover Public Library librarians Sara and Jackie.

Copy of Once upon a time...


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