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The Andover Public Library offers OverDrive ebook and eaudiobook library services through a digital consortium with several other Kansas libraries. Andover patrons can access OverDrive or the Libby app to check out eaudiobooks, ebooks, video, and music using their Andover Library cards. Tablet or smartphone users can use the free OverDrive or Libby apps.  Digital library items are returned automatically on the due date so there are never any late fees.

Not sure how to use Overdrive, the Sunflower eLibrary, or Libby? Check out our step-by-step guides for Overdrive and the Sunflower eLibrary and the Libby app.


Important notes:
• Your username is your Andover library card number. If your library card number is only 6 digits long, you will need to come to the library to update your library card.
• Your password is your last name in lowercase.

For more assistance, check out the help links in the “Getting Started” box on the right side of Sunflower’s home page.

Feel free to email contact@andoverlibrary.org with additional questions!


What you need to know about ebooks at the library:

1. Not all books are available as ebooks. – Maybe the author didn’t sell ebook rights. Maybe the publisher thinks no one will pay money for that title in ebook form. Maybe there are legal snafus that have not been made public. Who knows? What it all means is some books are not available digitally for anyone.

2. Not all ebooks are available to libraries. – Even if you see the ebook on Amazon, we may not be able to buy it for the library. Some publishers do not sell ebooks to libraries. If they did, we would buy them when funds are available.

3. Libraries pay more for ebooks. – It costs more to make a book available for multiple readers. While an individual person may pay $2.00 for a book, a library may pay $20.00 for the same title.

4. Ebooks don’t always come out on the release date. – Some publishers only sell the hardcover at first. They release the ebook when the paperback comes out.

5. “Ebook” does not mean “Always available to everyone all the time.” – As far as libraries are concerned, an ebook is just like a physical copy of a book. We pay for one copy of the book. Only one person can check it out at a time.

6. The library wants to get that ebook for you. – If there is a book you want to read in ebook form, please ask us to buy it. If we are not able to do so, we will let you know.


Mango Languages

Mango Languages

Mango offers access to 60 foreign language courses and 17 English courses taught completely in the user’s native language. Mango can be accessed at the library, remotely, or even on-the-go with apps for iPhone®, Android™, Kindle® and Nook®.


Other Ebooks and Audiobooks

The State Library of Kansas has other services that provide free digital library books for Kansas residents.  Come into the Library and get a free Kansas Library eCard to access these resources.






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Holiday baking with our cake pan collection

Andover Public Library is one of only a handful of libraries in the state of Kansas to have a collection of cake pans available for checking out. Our collection includes holiday shapes like candy canes and Christmas trees (as well as shapes for other major holidays like Easter and Halloween). We also have many of your children’s favorite characters like Elmo, Batman, and Dora the Explorer. To browse our collection, visit our catalog and search for “cake pan” (make sure you search for “pan” and not “pans”; only the singular will work!), or visit the library: you’ll find the cake pans in the children’s section, across from the children’s DVDs. 

Our cake pan collection is one of the best in the state. Visit us before your next birthday, holiday dinner, or other special occasion to see how we can improve your dessert options.
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Meet the Librarian: Tom, Library Director

Do you ever wonder about the people running your library? In this new blog post series, we’ll highlight a different staff member each month. First, we’d like to introduce our new director, Tom Taylor, who only recently started working here at APL and does not yet know what he’s got himself into.

Name: Tom Taylor
Position at the library: Director
1. How long have you been at APL?  1 week
2. What’s your favorite thing about APL? It’s an exciting opportunity for me because this is a fantastic institution.
3. What is your favorite book and why? That’s a tough question. Who has just one? I suppose it depends on when you ask. Right now, it’s Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis. I first read that as a college student in Greece so it has personal meaning to me.
4. Do you have any other book or author recommendations? For a living author, I recommend Neil Gaiman. he has a wonderful, vivid imagination, rooted in literature and folklore. Otherwise, I recommend Fyodor Dostoevsky, for the great dialogue and the cerebral nature of his works. 
5. Do you have any hobbies (besides reading)? I enjoy following certain sports. I like IndyCar racing and I’m a big Kansas City Chiefs fan. I also enjoy college sports (though I won’t say which teams… yet). And I have two young boys, so they take up most of my time.
6. If you weren’t a librarian, what would you be? Definitely a teacher. History, at the middle school or high school level.
7. What’s your favorite food? Coconut. I like coconut anything: coconut treats, coconut desserts, coconut water… I cook with coconut oil. I love coconut.
8. How did you end up in the library field? My mom was the librarian at McPherson College, so I grew up around libraries, using libraries, but it still never occurred to me that I might go into the library field. Then, in grad school for history, I realized I enjoyed the research and the teaching, but I hated the writing. That eventually led to reference librarianship. Then I got a job at Newton Public Library. 
9. What does your dream library look like? Spacious, modern, clean, and busy.
10. Talk about other stuff you like (movies, TV, music, games, etc.) I like Doctor Who – I grew up on it, so I like the older stuff, but I’ve seen some of the new stuff as well. I like travel, learning. I used to enjoy video games, strategy games, and board games, but I don’t have much time for that now. 
Welcome to the library, Tom!
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