How can I check/renew my items online?

From the Andover Public Library website, click on Catalog (at the top of the screen).

Log in with your library card number as your username and your last name in lowercase letters as your password. You should now see your name on the left side of the screen.

Click on your name to see which items are checked out on your card, their due dates, the books you have requested, and any fines you might have on your account.

To renew items, click on Items Out.

This screen will show you the titles of books that are checked out on your card, the due dates, and how many renewals are available for each item.

An item with a 1 in theRenewals Left column (on the far right of the screen) can be renewed. An item with a 0, however, has no renewals available. Some items that cannot be renewed include DVDs, new books, activity kits, and books that have a hold placed on them.  

If there is a fine or fee on your account, you cannot renew online until the fee is paid.

If all of your items are available for renewal, click Renew All Items at the bottom center of the screen. To renew specific items, click the box to the far left of the title you wish to renew. Once a check mark appears next to the items you wish to renew, click on Renew Selected Items at the bottom left of the screen. Items that cannot be renewed will not have a check box next to them.

The next screen will tell you if you have successfully renewed your items. If the computer was not able to renew your items, it will tell you the reason why.

Click on the Back button to return to the Items Out page to see your new due date.

What is my password on the website?

Your password will be your last name in all lower case letters in most cases. If your last name has 3 letters, often the first letter of your first name is used. For example, if your name was Library Cat than your password would be lcat.

How do I get to Andover Public Library?

From the intersection of Central and Andover Road, go east on Central.

Passing Andover Central High School and Andover Central Middle School, almost one mile from the intersection, the right lane will become a turn lane. Turn right to enter the park.

The library is the first building to the left inside Andover Central Park.

1511 East Central Ave.
Andover, KS  67002

If you get lost, call 558-3500 for guidance.