Rapunzel: Escape the Tower Digital Escape Room

We just put the finishing touches on our fun new digital escape room — Rapunzel: Escape the Tower!

Can you help free Rapunzel from the tower before the evil, old Enchantress returns? Rapunzel and the Prince can escape only with your help! This escape room is intended for all ages and may be completed individually or as a group.

Created by Andover Public Library librarians Sara and Jackie.

Copy of Once upon a time...


Check out our previous digital escape room: Escape from Treasure Island.

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Book Review: Human Touch by Mitch Albom


Human Touch: A Story in Real Time by Mitch Albom

One of my favorite authors is Mitch Albom. When the coronavirus pandemic started Mitch Albom decided to write a real-time novel about hope. Each week he posted a chapter of the book. I read an interview where he talked about the process of writing this book. Unlike published books, this book was unedited, there were no rewrites, it was just his words typed out and put online. The book is about four families that share a single street corner. They have become close over the years and get together each weekend. One family is of Chinese descent and during the book, you see how hard it is for this family as criticism against their heritage arises. There is a doctor and his family. He faces many challenges as this virus progresses and eventually hits him personally.  The town preacher struggles when he is notified to shut down his church. Will he follow his faith and put other lives in danger? The fourth family runs the local mill in town. His shelves are empty and supplies are hard to get. He and his wife deal with rude customers and rebellion in his own family. The housekeeper of one family is the mother of a very special little boy named Moses. Why has Moses never been sick? What secret is his mother hiding and why does she think he is the answer to healing the world? Mitch Albom wrote this book to provide a ray of hope and I believe he did that for me.

By Karyn Schemm, Assistant Director

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RBdigital for eAudiobooks

We are proud to introduce RBdigital as an addition to our eAudiobook services. Our RBdigital catalog includes over 37,000 books with zero holds! That means many of your favorite titles and bestsellers are always available to you – no waiting required!

Download the RBdigital app via the links below or access the catalog with your preferred web browser to listen online.

kindlefire_badge 297-2971151_available-app-store-icon-png-app-store-and GOOGLE 297-2971151_available-app-store-icon-png-app-store-and

A new version of the RBdigital app was released to the Apple app store on June 16. This new version will no longer support iOS versions 9 and 10. If you currently have the RBdigital app downloaded and use one of these operating systems, RBdigital will continue to operate. However, to upgrade your app with this new release and to use future versions of it, you will need to use iOS 11 or later.

On the web


 Account Setup and Login information

Click here to learn how to set up an account and log into the app or desktop catalog.


Click here to watch a short video on registering for an account on the mobile app.


Click here to watch a short video on registering for an account on the desktop version of RBdigital.


Click here to learn about making and switching between multiple profiles, recovering a forgotten password, and how to get help.
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