May 6th is Free Comic Book Day, a day where local stores and libraries hand out free comics.  We’ll have free comics, comic coloring pages, and great new graphic novels and comics that you can check out on display.  Here at the Andover Public Library we have comic books that you can check out in the teen and kids’ magazine collections.  We also have graphic novel collections for all ages in the kids, teen and adult book stacks.

There has been some confusion: what’s a graphic novel?  What’s a comic book?  What’s this graphic nonfiction stuff I’m hearing about now?

A Comic Book is a traditional periodical, modern ones are around 32 pages.  This is what we’ll have for you to pick from on May 6.

A Graphic Novel is a collection of comic book issues or an original story bound in softcover or hardcover.  Graphic Novels are more than superheroes.  They include all types of stories and nonfiction.  Still confused?  Check out this great article from NPR.

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