Court of Fives by Kate Elliott

Court of Fives by Kate Elliott is a science-fiction fantasy that takes place in the land of Saryenia. This book explores the life of Jessamy Tonor, a young and ambitious girl who lives with her beautiful Commoner mother, her serious Patron father, and her three obnoxious sisters (Bettany, Maraya, and Amaya). Jes’s father is a disciplinarian and captain in the military, who desires to climb up the social ladder. Her mother is loving, gentle, and composed, even as her family faces discrimination and disgrace. Jes yearns to run a Fives trial, a competition of athletic ability and quick thinking. When Jes finally has the opportunity and money to participate, she must do so in defiance of her family’s strict rules. Throughout the book, Jes must make similar decisions between her dreams and her family. She struggles to understand her society and its complex history.

Court of Fives blends a story of family and relationships with the fight against corrupt and violent politics. The story brings together elements of The Hunger Games and mythologies of different ancient cultures. Details of the land of Saryenia and its origins take the reader to a new world. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure and an unpredictable plot line.

(Reviewed by Anuragini Arora)

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