The Nine Lives Of Chloe King

Liz Braswell/Celia Thomson

Book Reivew By Jasmine Roeder


I have wanted to read The Nine Lives Of Chloe King for a while now. I have watched the series but have not had the chance to read the book. I checked it out today, so I think I will start reading it soon. I think this book would be perfect for you if you like to read about supernatural and adventurous stories. The book is about an ordinary teenage girl whose name is Chloe King. She goes to school, hangs out with friends, and does all the usual things for a teenager. When she turns sixteen, she starts feeling like she isn’t normal and has rapid reflexes and visions. If that wasn’t weird enough, she even had claws, which showed her that she wasn’t an ordinary teenage girl. When she goes to school one day, she is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she has powers and thinks she is all alone until she meets Jasmine and Alek. They know about her secret, and they have powers too. They help her train, tell her why she is like this, and even reveal that she has nine lives. She is then said that she is a protector and that people will be after her but will nine lives be enough for her? One day she goes from being a normal girl, and the next, she goes to fighting for her life while having nine lives. She meets more people who become her friends and needs to protect them without spilling everything. While dealing with this nine-lives drama, she is still trying to figure out what happened to her missing father. What will happen with all these secrets reveal themselves? You should definitely get it today if you are interested just by the review. This book includes all three parts of the series in one book. Below are the titles of each piece of her story in order if you get them separately.

The Fallen

The Stolen

The Chosen


Put the Nine Lives of Chloe King on hold today!

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