New Non-Fiction

Into the forest, 92 FRANKEL, REBECCA
Mennonite valley girl, 92 FUNK, CARLA
The first 21, 92 SIXX, NIKKI
The library, 027.47 PETTEGREE, ANDREW
How God works, 200.1 DESTENO, DAVID
Genuine Jesus, 226 MAIER, PAUL
Aftershocks, 236 KINLEY, JEFF
Your First Step to Celebrate Recovery: How God Can Heal Your Life, 248 BAKER, JOHN
Becoming all things, 261 REYES, MICHELLE
All the Colors of Life, 305 AISATO, LISA
How to win friends and influence enemies, 320 WITT, WILL
The people, no, 320.56 FRANK, THOMAS
The dying citizen, 323.6 HANSON, VICTOR
How to resist Amazon & why, 381 CAINE, DANNY
The science of Jurassic World, 567.9 BRAKE, MARK
Composting for the absolute beginner, 631.8 CUMMINGS, DEDE
Rebel homemaker : food, family, life, 641.5 BARRYMORE, DREW
Real food heals, 641.5 MULLEN, SEAMUS
Chocolate every day, 641.6 COFFEY, BENNETT
Hero dinners, 641.82 PERRY, MARGE
Martha Stewart’s fruit desserts, 641.86 STEWART MARTHA
Sasha in good taste, 642.4 PIETERSE, SASHA
The resilience recipe, 649 KHANNA, MUNIYA
Make & play hardware store, 790.19 FELIX, REBECCA
Make & play arcade, 790.19 FELIX, REBECCA
I’ll be home for Christmas movies, 791.45 HALLMARK
Kansas City Chiefs, 796.33 ABDO, KENNY
A Season in the Sun, 796.33 ANDERSON, LARS
Sporting Kansas City, 796.33 AVISE, JONATHAN
Minnesota Twins, 796.35 WESLEY, CAROLINE
Fences, 812 WILSON, AUGUST
A carnival of snackery : diaries (2003-2020), 817 SEDARIS, DAVID
100 things to do in Kansas before you die, 917 YONKEY, ROXIE
The cause, 973.3 ELLIS, JOSEPH
Liberty is sweet, 973.3 HOLTON, WOODY
Renegades : born in the USA, 973.93 OBAMA, BARACK
Peril, 973.93 WOODWARD, BOB
Fact and fiction of the Wild West, 978 LONDON, MARTHA

New YA Non-Fiction

Into the streets, YNF 303.48 BIESCHKE, MARKE
Finding her voice, YNF 305.23 BELGRAVE, FAYE
The other talk, YNF 305.8 KIELY, BRENDAN
Wild tongues can’t be tamed, YNF 814 FENNELL, SARACIEA
Gender queer, YNF 92 KOBABE, MAIA
John Newbery, YNF 92 NEWBERY, JOHN
When can we go back to America?, YNF 940.53 KAMEI, SUSAN

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