A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Book Review

by Molly Fitzgerald


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is young adult mystery with a modern twist. This book caught my eye because I love mystery books, and this one did not disappoint. It was thrilling and had me completely enthralled, I could not put it down! By the time I read this book, the sequel had already come out, which gave me more reason to read it.


Pippa Fitz-Amobi is a senior in high school and lives in the small town of Fairview, Connecticut.  Her friends and family would say does too much homework. She decides to dedicate her final project over a murder case that closed five years ago, because she believes the accused murderer is innocent. The one thing she is not allowed to do is what she does first. She starts with the families of Andie and Sal. There, she finds a sidekick, willing to help and prove Sal innocent.


Andie Bell, the popular girl in high school, was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh. Pippa doesn’t believe Sal did it and sets out to prove it by finding the real murderer. As she attempts to do this, each interview reveals its own secret, making her town seem darker, and putting her and others in danger. Determined, Pippa doesn’t give in and goes out of her comfort zone, just to help the family of Sal find peace.


I would recommend this book to others who enjoy reading mysteries. It’s quick paced and draws a lot of different emotions out of the reader; at one point I was laughing, and then the next page I was crying. The characters and plot alike are very well written, and it’s one of those mysteries that left me guessing the whole time.


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