Rachel Ayers

Position : Collections Manager

1. When did you start at APL? June of 2015

2. What’s your favorite thing about APL? My favorite thing about APL is buying books for patrons.

3. What is your favorite book and why? My favorite book is The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers. It’s an epic fantasy adventure about reading and writing – need I say more?

4. Do you have any other book or author recommendations? I recommend anything by Juliet Marillier, at least if you love historic adventures with a dose of romance and magic.

5. Do you have any hobbies? (Besides reading?) I’m a writer, a yoga-enthusiast, and a bicycler. I also love food.

6. If you weren’t a librarian, what would you be? Unsatisfied with life.

7. What’s your favorite food? Avocados.

8. What is the funniest experience you’ve ever had at the library? There was a conversation about communist zombies during a firestorm at sea that was pretty entertaining.

9. What does your dream library look like? My dream library is pretty eclectic, and you have to get to know it to learn your way around. (No offense, Dewey, but you’re not in the dream library!) If you go in looking for a book, a book might just find you. It’s kind of a cross between the Hogwarts Library, the library at the Unseen University in Ankh-Morpork, and, of course, the Sandman’s personal library. Beware of miscellaneous flying spells.

10. Talk about other stuff you like (movies, TV, music, games, etc.) I’m a little bit of a gamer, a comic book geek, and an eclectic reader. My favorite movies are The Princess Bride and Stardust. I am curious about everything, and my Google search history either has me on an FBI watchlist or is too vast and diverse for the government to bother with.