Mat Heagerty author

Ams Owen illustrator

In this fantasy world, Jack is the son of a Lumberjack mom and a Vampire dad. Both parents would like him to go to their alma-maters. But Jack is not comfortable with either. After finding a dance school, Jack discovers that what he really wants is to dance. But Jack is afraid to upset his family. What will he do?

This book presents a dilemma that many young people may find themselves facing. Some kids will be able to identify with Jack. There are morals and learning opportunities here.

The art by Owen is cute and should appeal to kids.

You will be able to find this in the Library’s collection.

Tom Taylor

William’s review
Lumber Jackula was funny and cool. I loved it when he hypnotized the headmaster. I learned about lumberjack school and was proud of Jack when he found what he liked to do. I want to know what happens next, I would love to read Lumber Jackula 2.

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