Book Review: Poldark


Ross Poldark by Winston Graham

I first heard of the Poldark series after watching BBC’s Poldark starring Aiden Turner. Curious, I picked up the first novel and discovered that it exceeded every expectation I had. It is the story of Ross Poldark—a wounded British officer returning home after three years of fighting in the American Revolutionary War. But life takes a drastic turn when he discovers that his father is dead and the girl of his dreams is engaged to his cousin.  Grieving and angry, Ross turns his attention to his own derelict estate and the declining mining economy of Cornwall as he acquires a new resolve to help the suffering farmers and miners around him.

Winston Graham’s descriptions of the Cornish landscape and inhabitants were so gripping that I was immediately captivated by the story.  I very much felt that I understood his characters and the motivations behind their actions based on Graham’s portrayal of their way of life. Characters have a breath of realism, as they are neither entirely good—nor entirely depraved —and each one struggles with his or her inner conscience daily. It was refreshing to step away from the stock characters so often seen in books today.

While the plot keeps a steady pace, it does take its time to develop and shape the story. This book isn’t for readers who instantly desire action or romance; rather, it is for readers who appreciate immersion into a way of life and a story that naturally evolves around its characters.  Furthermore, the story can become depressing at times as certain character’s lives take blow after blow from the harsh society around them. But watching as they stumble back and doggedly fight on is both inspiring and heartening.

Ross Poldark was a wonderful read, if at times a bit slow, and I would readily recommend it as a fantastic historical novel.

 Review by Andover Public Library Staff

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Read an Ebook Day

Read an E-Book Day 9-18-18

Today we celebrate ebooks! Ebooks allow you to take your favorite books with you anywhere and everywhere you go through your tablet or cellphone. Whether you’re sitting on the beach or on your couch at home, ebooks are the perfect reading choice.

The Andover Public Library offers ebooks free to our local patrons through the Overdrive app and website. Simply log in with your library card number and password (your default password is your last name in lowercase) at and search through the hundreds of fiction, non-fiction, children’s, and young adult titles available to you. You can even find ebooks in Spanish! Like large font, but the book you want is checked out at the library? Ebooks allow you to read any book in large font — you can easily adjust the font size however large or small you like!

If you’ve never tried reading an ebook before, today is the perfect time to try one out. Search the sunflowerelibrary for one of your favorite books or authors and celebrate Read an Ebook Day with us today.

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Education Connections Home School Group

A group of home educators who meet the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 10:30-11:30AM for social time, play, and learning. Come connect with other homeschooling families! Young siblings and babies are always welcome.

Upcoming themes/lessons:
August 24- Park & Picnic Lunch
September- Art Appreciation
14th: Van Gogh’s Starry Night and DIY painting
28th: Monet and DIY reflection painting
October- Nature study
12th: Autumn Tree Study
26th: Pumpkins
November- Music Appreciation with SQUILT Live & Wichita Symphony Young People’s Concert
9th & 23rd, Symphony TBD
December 14th- Shakespeare Poetry Tea Time
December 28- break (read Cricket in Times Square out loud)
January 11- break (continue reading)
January 25th- Cricket in Times Square book club party and discussion

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Financial Literacy

April 22 to 28 is  Money Smart Week this week, part of Financial Literacy Month. The State Library of Kansas has a list of resources that might be helpful for financial literacy education for all individuals, including multiple age ranges and interest levels.

The Library also has a collection of useful items.

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