Escape from Treasure Island: A Digital Escape Room

We were so sad to cancel our spring break escape room and we know you were too. We’ve been hard at work, though, making our very own APL digital escape room! Access the digital escape room here


Sail the high seas, find buried treasure, and escape from pirates in this brand new APL Digital Escape Room based off of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.


This escape room is intended for all ages and may be completed individually or as a group. We recommend opening it in a separate browser so you don’t lose your progress when accessing links.

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Autism Awareness Month

April 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of National Autism Awareness Month. First established in 1970 by the Autism Society, the color blue is internationally recognized as the symbol to spread awareness about the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the world. Fundraisers, activities, and educational events take place both on a local and national scale. It is a wonderful time for humanity to come together and embrace each other’s differences.

But the month of April should be about more than spreading awareness of autism; it should also be a month to reevaluate our understanding of those individuals with special needs and their families. While we celebrate our differences, we need to educate and recognize for ourselves the realities of autism and the daily struggles of those individuals and their families who are affected. For them it is more than a celebration—it is a lifestyle.

This April let’s go beyond our comfort zones and examine how we can serve those around us who confront autism or other special needs. How can you personally promote areas and situations of acceptance and appreciation for those individuals? What struggles are not being alleviated for the people surrounding you? What ways can you support their caretakers and families?

Locally Rainbows UnitedThe Arc of Sedgwick County, WSU’s Autism Spectrum Clinic, and Heartspring Autism Services are just a few organizations available as resources. On the national level, Autism Speaks, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Autism Resource Center, and the Autism Society all provide valuable resources.  While it is admirable to recognize the autistic needs in our communities, let’s do more than wearing blue — let April be the start of turning our awareness into tangible actions throughout the year.

by Jackie Wilkerson, Circulation Librarian

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Library Closed

Due to the local confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) case and an abundance of caution, the Library has enacted a “soft closure” of the building.

What does this mean for library users?

1. Staff will continue to answer phones, empty the book drop, assist patrons with digital resources, and pull online and phone holds for patrons.

2. Patrons may place Library materials on hold via our online catalog and over the phone. Holds will be checked out to the patron and available for pick up in our lobby. If you need help placing an item on hold, please feel free to call the Library.

3. Fines on library materials are suspended.

4. Passports will not be processed at the Library until further notice. Staff is available to answer questions via phone, as needed.

5. All facility rentals are canceled and any pre-paid fees will be refunded.

6. The Library FEMA room will be open during regular library hours should tornado sirens sound. If tornado sirens sound after Library hours, the restrooms in the park are tornado shelters.

7. The Library will reopen after receiving notification from the Butler or Sedgwick County Health Department or the City of Andover that normal operations may resume. The Library Director may elect to keep the Library closed a few days longer due to the vulnerable nature of the Library.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

For more information, please see the library’s Pandemic Preparedness plan.

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Pandemic Preparedness

Statement regarding the Library’s plan for a potential local outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

Summary: Andover Library will employ a common sense and proactive approach to potential pandemic outbreaks in Andover and the greater Wichita area. The Library will follow recommended actions by the Butler and Sedgwick County Health Departments and the City of Andover. Health and safety of Library patrons and Library staff must take priority over public use of the Library.

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