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Guinness World Records 2020, 031.02 Guinness

Five Days Gone, 92 Cummings, Laura

I am Walt Disney, 92 Disney, Walt

Ordinary Hazards, 92 Grimes, Nikki

The Story of my Life, 92 Keller, Helen

Inside Out, 92 Moore, Demi

Renia’s Diary, 92 Spiegel, Renia

The Introverted Leader, 155.2 Kahnweiler, Jennifer

The Pastor Wears a Skirt, 230 Friesen, Dorothy

The New Normal, 306.76 Contributors

No Place Like Home, 323.3 Janovy, C.J.

Catch and Kill, 331.4 Farrow, Ronan

The Rule, 332.64 Hite, Larry

Accused!, 345.76 Brimner, Larry

A Child Called “It”, 362.7 Pelzer, Dave

A Girl Stands at the Door, 379.2 Devlin, Rachel

The Body: A Guide for Occupants, 612 Bryson, Bill

Bright Spots & Landmines, 616.4 Brown, Adam

Tiny but Mighty, 636.8 Shaw, Hannah

The Way We Eat Now, 641.01 Wilson, Bee

Secrets of Great Second Meals, 641.5 Dickerman, Sara

Love & Lemons Every Day, 641.5 Donofrio, Jeanine

Gluten-Free Baking at Home, 641.5 Larsen, Jeffrey

Martha Stewart’s Grilling, 641.5 Stewart, Martha

The Gaijin Cookbook, 641.59 Orkin, Ivan

The Joy of Tiny House Living, 643 Schapdick, Chris

Nonprofit Hero, 658.15 Jones, Valerie

Let Your Mind Run, 796.42 Kastor, Deena

Hustle, 811 Martinez, David

Book of Hours, 811 Young, Kevin

How We Became Human, 811.54 Harjo, Joy

Citizen, 814 Rankine, Claudia

The Borgias, 945 Strathern, Paul

A Beginner’s Guide to Japan, 952.05 Iyer, Pico

The Case for Trump, 973.93 Hanson, Victor

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