New Non-Fiction

What You Have Heard is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance, 92 Forche, Carolyn

Rock Needs River, 92 McGrady, Vanessa

The Elephant in the Room: One Fat Man’s Quest to Get Smaller in a Growing America, 92 Tomlinson, Tommy

Astrology, 133.5 Orion, Rae

Don’t be a Dick, 155.2 Borg, Mark

Here to Make Friends: How to Make Friends as an Adult, 158 Kelaher, Hope

Stay Woke: A Meditation Guide for the Rest of Us, 158.1 Williams Justin

The Stars in our Pockets, Getting Lost And Sometimes Found In The Digital Age, 303.48 Axelrod, Howard

A New Way to Age, 305.26 Somers, Suzanne

Stolen Justice: The Struggle for African-American Voting Rights, 324.6 Goldstone, Lawrence

An Impeccable Spy: Richard Sorge, Stalin’s Master Agent, 327.12 Matthews, Owen

The Top 10 as We Hit Bottom, 333 Parry Jim

Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard, 333 Tallamy, Douglas

The Third Rainbow Girl, 364.15 Eisenberg, Emma

Race against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era, 364.15 Mitchell, Jerry

Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country, 364.15 Murdoch, Sarah

Slaying Goliath, 371 Ravitch, Diane

What to Eat When: A Strategic Plan to Improve your Health & Life Through Food, 613 Roizen, Michael

The Self-Care Solution: 613.2 Ashton, Jennifer

Small Garden Style: A Design Guide for Outdoor Rooms and Containers, 635.9 Eaton, Isa

The Anti-Inflammatory Action Plan, 641 Rowe, Barbara

Beyond the North Wind: Revealing Russia, its Recipes, and Lore, 641.59 Goldstein, Darra

The Enchanted Hour, 649 Gurdon, Meghan

Ready or Not, 649 Levine, Madeline

Decoding Boys, 649 Natterson, Cara

The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read, 649 Perry, Philippa

Strange Planet, 741.5 Pyle, Nathan

Beer Hiking Colorado: The Most Refreshing Way to Discover Colorful Colorado, 796 Winn, Yitka

Last Stop Auschwitz: My Story of Survival from Within the Camp, 940.53 De Wind, Eddy

Flowers in the Gutter: The True Story of the Edelweiss Pirates, Teenagers Who Resisted the Nazis, 940.53 Gaddy, K.R.

The Art of Resistance: My Four Years in the French Underground, 940.53 Rosenberg, Justice

The Race of Aces, 940.54 Bruning, John

Author in Chief: 973.09 Fehrman, Craig

Kansas Oddities: Just Bill the Acting Rooster, the Locusts Plagues of Grasshopper Falls, Naturalist Camps, and More, 978.1 Ringer, Roger


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