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Authentically, uniquely you, LP 248.4 MEYER, JOYCE
You are stronger than you think, LP 248.4 OSTEEN, JOEL
A fire in the wilderness, LP 920 REEVES, JOHN
The Wish Book Christmas, LP AUSTIN, LYNN
All that we carried, LP BARTELS, ERIN
A Cowboy Christmas Legend, LP BRODAY, LINDA
A cowboy of legend, LP BRODAY, LINDA
Morgan’s medicine, LP DAVID, JULIA
Until I met you, LP FARIS, TARIS
All manner of things, LP FINKBEINER, SUSIE
A life once dreamed, LP FORDHAM, RACHEL
Matched and married, LP FULLER, KATHLEEN
Cimarron thunder, LP HALLERAN, E.E.
A study in crimson, LP HARRIS, ROBERT
Pack up the moon, LP HIGGINS, KRISTAN
The Book of Magic, LP HOFFMAN, ALICE
A girl’s guide to the Outback, LP KATE, JESSICA
What you said to , LP NEWPORT, OLIVIA
Fragments of light, LP PHOENIX, MICHELE
One bright Christmas, LP SPENCER, KATHERINE
A picture of hope, LP TOLSMA, LIZ
Lincoln Highway, LP TOWLES, AMOR

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