Trail of the Warrior: A Fable of Hope by R. H. Pfeiffer

R. H. Pfeiffer’s genuine voice and experiences with victims of substance abuse and addiction are evident in Trail of the Warrior: A Fable of Hope. Pfeiffer’s keen insight into the casualties of dependency is depicted in the life stories of four addicts searching for salvation. Triggered by a tornado, military experiences, insecurity, and other factors, these characters’ unpredictable and compulsive behaviors contribute to tragedy.


Not for the faint of heart, these heartbreaking stories engage the reader. Uncontrollable actions infect those connected to the addicts in the form of child and domestic abuse and neglect resulting in financial, personal, and professional hardships. Obsession with alcohol and/or drugs lacks glamor and imposes anguish on others. Confrontation, denial, and reckless behavior exasperated those who wished to address dependence. An addict’s continuous cycle of hope and despair brutally inflicts relationships complicating recovery efforts.


Amidst turmoil, a nonjudgmental tail-wagging friend, Rosie, touched lives and inspired hope. The unconditional love of a dog calmed and rescued troubled souls. In addition, reading a personal journal and writing provided comfort. “Let the Warrior in all of us battle against the forces of our lives.” Accepting treatment and surrendering oneself are critical components of maintaining recovery.


Trail of the Warrior is a compelling story for those wishing to understand fear, isolation, obstacles, pet therapy, physical or psychological dependency, compulsive behavior, and misfortune. Complete with captivating storytelling, literary devices, and thought-provoking discussion questions, the reader gains knowledge and empathy during a quest for hope. “The greatest battles are won in the mind.”


Review by Carmaine Ternes, Librarian, Author, Editor, Presenter

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